Hey, you are not alone!

Studies have proven that having like-minded friends can fuel your interests. But your interests may differ from those of your neighbors and friends.

We know how it feels. But, remember. You’re not alone.

We wanted to make sure that your voice is heard amidst all the noises.

Make friends online. Meet new people who share your passion, make friends for life and start collaborating.

Explore your interests

Are you someone who wants to explore your interests in and out? From the perspectives of different people?

Buckle up. In Wylo, everything awesome about your interests is just a few taps away.

Your newsfeed in your control

Unlike most other networks, Wylo lets you see what you want to see.

Yes, you have control over what you see on Wylo. So you can switch between different topics and different types of posts just like that as you wish.

Hang out in communities

Each of the communities in Wylo has a specific purpose.

Are you a budding writer or an aspiring startup enthusiast? Wylo has super cool communities for everyone to hang around.

Best articles for a better you

You love reading articles on your fav topics from top magazines?

Well, Wylo has a separate section for you.

#Hashtag Free

Yes, Wylo doesn’t support hashtags but just good content.

Feeling overwhelmed and toxic about social media? Say no to social media toxicity and redundant hashtags.

Hear what our users say
about our communities

"Wylo is an excellent platform. It is different from the others due to its educational and professional networking opportunities. It helps me improve my knowledge and skills. Very comprehensive and organized. It has so many interests that i can choose and learn about them"

Omkar lokare

"I believe in networking and like minded people so a friend of mine suggested me to use Wylo.My go to community on Wylo is Startups. I get to network with new creative minds & know about their startups, problems and solutions which in turn inspires my path of entrepreneurship..."

Supriya mahindrakar

"Wylo impressed me by helping with consuming quality and relevant contents from the topics that i love the most. Feedbacks from the like-minded people (fellow wyloers) on contents that i post on wylo motivates me to create more quality contents."

Surya Narayan